Welcome to Rec-Kos

Rec-Kos Sh.p.k company was established on 09.01.2008 by the owner Valdet Shaqiri which is the successor of company NT Reciklimi. Mr. Valdet Shaqiri this work started in 2000 and continues.Rec-Kos Sh.p.k company has been growing every year and now is the No. 1 company in Kosovo as for the materials, the quality and number of employees.

The company owns nearly 100 employees divided into several sectors and professional work under the umbrella of Rec-Kos Sh.p.k. The company owns either all permits that are required by the state of Kosovo for performing the gathering, processing, selection and marketing of non-ferrous metals, colorless, electronics waste, waste plastics and waste oils.

Our Team

  • Valdet Shaqiri


  • Berat Morina


  • Sevdai Ahmeti


  • Mërgim Berisha

    Financial Director

  • Argjend Morina


  • Fitim Shaqiri