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is company that collects and sorts the secondary metals and processes them for further new production. REC KOS LLC is primarily an exporter of old recyclable metals, buying scrap metal in Kosovo, processing it for re-use and selling raw materials to foundries, smelters and steel works. Mainly the collected material is pruchased from the companies which make the reparing of old parts and they sell them under the contracts and through different tenders, scrap metal dealers, local authorities as well as public suppliers. A small quantity also is pruchased from one part of the citizens.


provides used and recycled all kind of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, recycles metals by ranging from iron and steel to aluminum, copper, lead, stainless steel, zinc and other recycling material. RECKOS LLC's history began in year of 2000 as a RICIKLIMI Company and in 2008 was formed the RECKOS LLC. Today RECKOS LLC operates one of the largest ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap processing plant in Kosovo. With its available work space of more than 6 hectares, from which 3000m2 are covered, REC KOS LLC has been operating on the market for over 20 years.


has over 100 employees operating with its equipment as are excavators, presses, machines, trucks and other machinery. RECKOS LLC Company mainly exports the material to European Union and all the countries in the region and has all the necessary permits to perform the processing of metals as well as for their export. RECKOS LLC is committed to environmental sustainability. We recognize the importance of protecting our planet's nature resource and our focus will alway remain the same strategic approach to intelligent resource management and re-use. All our processes are environmentally sound and we have always strive to meet the highest standards in quality control. All materials arriving and leaving any of our facilities must pass through our portal radiation detection equipment, ensuring the protection of our employee, our equipment, the enviroment and our clients. Any contaminated material identified is handled according to regulations and this material is taken out of the recycling loop.

The monthly collecting quantities of metal scrap are:

  • Aluminium (Al) 350-400 ton/month
  • Copper (Cu) 100-150 ton/month
  • UBC cans approximately 90-120 ton/month
  • Brass (Ms) +/- 60 ton/month
  • Stainless steel 60-70 ton/month
  • Iron (Fe) 2500-3000 ton/month
  • Electronic scrap +/- 8 ton/month

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